• Santaluz

    Cecilia Guerrero de Zavala
    Your Luxury Listing Specialist and Neighbor

    Hello, I am Cecilia, your neighbor and luxury real estate specialist. My passion for Santaluz goes well beyond selling homes. As a licensed contractor, I have been involved with the construction of six brand new homes in Santaluz so far, all of which have sold for the highest amount per square feet in our neighborhood. I am proud to contribute to such a great community and would love to share expertise with you about renovation possibilities, updates that get the highest return on investment, and real investment opportunities.
    My success in real estate comes from leading with my heart and giving my clients a thoughtful, quality experience, access to effective marketing, great knowledge of our neighborhood offerings, and expert negotiation. I feel one of the best services I can provide, is keeping you informed of current market trends and Santaluz home values. When the time comes to sell or purchase your home with great care and representation, I hope you will think of me. Thank you.

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